Everybody has a chance to pursue the postgraduate studies for a Master Degree in Germany. The tuition fee in Germany’s universities is lower than other universities in the world, but international students are to contribute to Germany’s historic and academic records. Universities in Germany can be public that are administered by the government, and the private universities are set up by independent organizations, companies, charities. To make those two kinds of universities are in the methods of funding. Not many of international students apply to private universities since the tuition fee is higher than the one in public universities. Besides that, public universities have a wide variety of courses.

Types of universities to offer Master’s Degrees in Germany

  • Universities of Applied Sciences that focus on social science, engineering, and business. There are many private universities are Applied Scientist. Professionals and commercial organizations are many to partner with this kind of university. These universities usually don’t award PhDs.
  • Research Universities—publicly administered, will provide academic expertise and facilities, and are to award Masters and PhDs
  • Technical Universities—the subgroup of the research universities, focus on technology, engineering disciplines, and science.
  • Colleges of Art, Films, and Music. These offer the creative-discipline instructions. These can be Research and Applied Sciences. The candidates are supposed to possess creative experiences and skills.

How to apply for Germany’s Master Degree

  • All you have to do is search the course or university by yourself and apply for the postgraduate study.
  • It is fine to apply to more than one college or universities if you meet the requirements. After that, you have to wait for the response.
  • In managing an international application, there is a service called uni-assist.

One academic year is designed for two semesters. This means your master degree includes final project—the dissertation that together with your mentor should be worked on.