Are you planning to study abroad but still have no idea on how and what to start first to prepare and make motivation letter for scholarship? You do not need to be worried, as this article will guide you how to write motivation letter for scholarships:

  1. Start by asking yourself “What do I want? What thing is the most sought-after by the scholarship provider?”

Reflecting plays an important aspect that you should do to make it easier for you to describe yourself. By doing a reflection towards yourself, you will have at least a small picture of your motivation letter concept. To enrich your knowledge regarding the scholarship, you can also ask directly to the awardee who has received the scholarship.

2. Be clear and concise.

In the first sentence of the motivation letter, it will reflect your unique value and achievement. You can also tell a brief story when you were kids.

3, Mention one of your best achievements.

To mention the achievements, you may choose one that is very influential towards your life or maybe give positive impacts to the surroundings.

4. Imagine yourself as the scholarship provider to help you elaborate the answer to “How much you deserve this scholarship”

By imagining yourself as the scholarship provider, you can also learn how to help to promote yourself in the motivation letter. This way can help you know the uniqueness and your strength that you can put it on your motivation letter.

5. Prepare the answer to why you are interested in the study you take and what are the benefits for others”

In this section, you can explain and tell that both studies are in line with your bachelor degree.

Those five aspects are several questions that mostly being discussed in your motivation letter for scholarship to make you easier to explain.